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Recycling Division

Brokerage service for recycling of various manufacturing and automotive type materials.

Consists of sorting, repackaging, weighing and storing materials until sold to buyers. Materials consist of various plastics, ferrous, and non-ferrous materials. Could involve minimum handling and or processing of materials to obtain desired recycling levels.

We also provide warehouse storage operations. GSRR provides comprehensive recycling services for all types of materials. Alleviates the burden in determining the proper disposal methodology, while providing an environmental liability defense from improper disposal. GSRR will assure that all materials are handled in full compliance with state and federal regulations that affect solid or universal wastes. GSRR makes it a priority that all materials are recycled using environmentally sound practices. Our unique process ensures that all materials are directed to their environmentally and economically optimal end uses when they are recycled.

Provides a full time suite of recycling services including waste stream audits, equipment provision and service, consulting, brokering and material logistics. We’ve separated ourselves from the competition by offering an ever-increasing portfolio of waste and recycling services. We specialize in integrated turn-key recycling solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Organizations are not the same, so the first step in partnership with our customers is gaining a thorough and comprehensive understanding of their unique goals, business processes and waste streams.

When an inbound load is received at GSRR’s facility, all materials are weighed and then matched against the generator manifest or bill of landing.

All items designated by the generator for special management are segregated and tracked to receive the appropriate handling.

All other materials are evaluated to ascertain their highest value.

In most cases this can be accomplished by visual inspections or a simple test.


GSRR has expertise in recycling many products including many branded materials. We help brands take their overstock, unusable goods, or goods that have been taken off the shelves and turn them into recyclables. We want to keep our world as green as possible and eliminate the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Our recycling consultants help sustainable directors of large or small brands to recognize that their products’ waste can be recycled. With a dedication to supporting a more sustainable environment.

GSRR will identify products that can be recycled. It will also encourage demand and use of recycled materials, and reinforce the importance of recycling finished products.

With expertise through partnerships with major manufacturers and recyclers we are able to recycle many varieties of materials such as fiberglass from heavy-duty vehicle components. We can guide you through this process as well and help you find the right solution for your recycling needs.

Renewables Division

Minor reconditioning of materials to extend service life of components. Reconditioning mainly consists of cleaning and checking for tolerences for fit, form, and function. May require minor repair or parts replacement to adhere to needed specifications. Also can support lifecycle solutions and end-of-life asset recovery supporting all ranges of material and equipment needs to extend or optimize the value of products.