Cost efficient. Cost neutral.


Reviewing Your

With our industry expertise, we will analyze your waste needs and assemble a collection of services, tailored to fit those needs while reducing costs. By removing or adjusting costly and inefficient services, and adding new beneficial services, we can provide you with a collection of waste services that satisfies your needs, while reducing your expenses.


Reduce Your Administrative Costs

Managing and paying waste service invoices can be a complex and expensive task; multiple business locations make the problem substantially more difficult. With Refuse Specialists on your team, your waste services are monitored, verified, and centrally dispatched; freeing your staff to focus on what they do best; run your business.


Capitalize on Our
Buying Power

Allow us to negotiage aggressively on your behalf; leveraging the high volume of waste services we command to fight for the best possible pricing, whether with your existing vendors or new providers. We’ll go to battle for you to minimize your expenses.


Eliminate Costly Errors and Oversights

Waste hauling invoices are often in a language all of their own and aside from the obvious costs of processing those invoices, inexperienced staff may overlook discrepencies and costly errors. Additionally, many ‘across the board’ price increases slip by unnoticed, ignoring specific contract terms and conditions. GSRR will capture and resolve billing errors and see that contract terms are strictly enforced.

GSRR is a one stop solution provider.